Current Campaigns

  • Against Sectairan Marches, parades and attack’s


  • End Imperialism in Ireland


  • End Capitalism in Ireland


  • Against RUC/PSNI involvement in Ireland


  • Shell to Sea campaign


  • Against Anti-Social behaviour in Belfast working class area’s



  • Supporting Help the Aged group highlighting the position of the elderly in working class area’s


  • Housing issue- more housing accommodation for working class people


  • Against water charges


  • Join a Workers Union


  • Supporting Irish Republican Socialist political prisoners


  • International solidarity with struggles against imperialism throughout the world


  • All other relevant community issues affecting the working class


  • Recruitment- Join the Belfast Republican Socialist Youth Movement


  • Supporting the Irish Language


  • Anti Racism


  • Supporting women’s rights


All campaigns involve, pickets, protests, debates, leafet drops, and member interaction with these issues.

Join the Republican Socialist Youth Movement. Join the Revolution!!


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