Posted by: belfastrsym | July 2, 2009

RUC/PSNI harassment of Republican Socialist Youth Movement members

On the 27th of June just a hour before a protest on the Springfield road in west Belfast against a sectarian orange order parade
Republican Socialist Youth movement members were stop and searched under section 44, the terrorism act.

While R.S.Y.M members proceeded walking over to a pathway the RUC/PSNI member in an unmarked RUC/PSNI vehicle first drove at a fast pace almost hitting two members of the R.S.Y.M with the vehicle. Then this RUC/PSNI member proceeded by blocking off the pathway, and at the same time RUC/PSNI personnel fully armed preceded over to confront R.S.Y.M members
The individual who was driving the unmarked vehicle then halted the R.S.Y.M members, his comments where ”Stop Now” then he pointed at his fellow RUC/PSNI members and said ”these lads and I want to have a chat with use lads” then he asked for details of each R.S.Y.M member, a member of the R.S.Y.M asked on what grounds does he have a right to ask for personal details, he then said ”OK this is a stop and search under section 44 terrorism act 2000 all detainees are to stay on these grounds until RUC/PSNI officers have finished their search and only then you will be free to go.”
The residents of the area came out of their houses and one resident asked if the R.S.Y.M members were all right during this situation, a R.S.Y.M member proceeded to have a conversation with the resident and was manhandled by a RUC/PSNI member who was equipped with an assault rifle and continuously pushed the top of the rifle into a R.S.Y.M members’ stomach, during this attack a resident was clearly annoyed and called on RUC/PSNI personal to stop assaulting this young person. Then more harassment followed when taking details and searching of the R.S.Y.M members when RUC/PSNI told one member to ”F**k up” several times
Also a Irish Republican Socialist Party banner was damaged during this event when RUC/PSNI personal took the banner of a R.S.Y.M member and dragged the banner repeatedly along the ground.
Then eventually all Republican Socialist Youth Movement members where let go when they were told to ”f**k off and go home”

A Republican Socialist Youth Movement spokesperson Connor Barry Hughes commented by saying

” Through this event this clearly states that this self named ”community police force” it is not a community police force. It operates to quell resistance to its illegal presence in Ireland, and it operates to inflict British interests in Ireland, the RUC/PSNI operates only in these forms.
The Republican Socialist Youth Movement are not at all afraid of the RUC/PSNI and their cronies, their mission to intimidate our members is not successful and will not be successful, our movement as a whole remains strong and growing.
The Republican Socialist Youth Movement will continue at it has to inflict damages on the RUC/PSNI by exposing them for what they really are, a British sectarian police force with British interests in occupying Ireland.

Statement ends


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