Posted by: belfastrsym | June 17, 2009

Founding Statement of the Republican Socialist Youth Movement

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement was officially formed in
County Wicklow on 1 October 2005 by socialist and republican youth
from throughout Ireland. The RSYM declares its intention to work
towards National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. The Youth
Movement intends to do this by submitting its membership to intensive
political education and activism that will prepare them for their
future role in the struggle of our class for liberation.

The RSYM upholds the analysis of the IRSM on the nature of the six
county state, the current ceasefire and political strategy of the RSM.
The RSYM defend the right of the Irish people to bear arms against
imperialist onslaught.

That strategy is to agitate, educate and organise within our class to
mobilise our class towards the objective of removing the Northern
colonial and Southern neo-colonial statelets on this island, thus
ending imperialism and capitalism, and preparing the basic structures
for an Irish Workers’ Republic, taking our direct inspiration from
Irish socialist martyrs such as Liam Mellows, Ta Power and Gino
Gallagher and the great theoreticians Karl Marx, Fredrick Engels,
Vladimir Lenin and James Connolly.

The RSYM’s intensive education programs, international solidarity work
and active agitation within our class will see our goals realised.


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