Posted by: belfastrsym | June 17, 2009

British Police Force Not Welcome In The Short Strand

Statement On Behalf On Republican Socialist Youth Movement Belfast


On The 15th Of June a RUC/PSNI meeting was held along with It’s Stormont associates in the Strand community centre. Residents of the Short Strand and Republican Socialist organisations came together In protest against this event. Organisations Such as the IRSP, RSYM, 32csm and RNU attended along with Short Strand residents In a dignified peacefull protest in which to highlight that the RUC/PSNI British armed police force was not welcome in the short strand.

The Short Strand community over the past conflict has showed resistance against British invasion and oppression, Once again on this night resistance was shown by Working Class youth from the Short Strand area against another invasion, While a dignified peacefull protest was finished, A number of missles was thrown at the RUC/PSNI by youth from the area, The Republican Socialist Youth Movement believe by these actions this in fact proves the lact of community support for RUC/PSNI within the area.

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement call on those who invited the RUC/PSNI into the Short Strand to cease the activites immediately because their actions are in fact breeding violent unneeded action and as seen last night the majority of the people of short strand sent a clear cut message to the RUC/PSNI, that they are not welcome!

Republican Socialist Youth Movement Gino Gallagher Cumann Belfast

Statement Ends


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